How to make passive income as a beginner in no time: fast and easiest ways

Have you ever thought of earning money without even doing much Hard Work? No right! I know you are busy doing your 9-5 jobs where you are investing your time and energy without even getting your desired benefits.

But what if I tell you that you can earn without doing much hard work and investing your time. Shocking right !! But many people are all earning this way as well.

So people were having their full-time income as well as a part-time passive income. If you can make a side income too then, why not? Even you can increase your income many times more than what you are earning right now. And make it your full-time job. This type of income is known as "passive income".

So passive income is a type of income that you can make without doing much effort and investing your time like in a full-time job. You just need to increase your creativity or if not then use your business mind. That’s it and you will be ready for making passive income.

Example:- suppose if you know about any niche in depth eg. beauty, tech, etc.. then you can even make your e-book to discuss all aspects and beneficial points like application and so on and through your good marketing skills sell them at your willing price.

And for all these, you need not have any initial fund, just the basic stuff like good internet connection, laptop or mobile phone which you already have as you are reading this article.

Benefits of making passive income

If you have good marketing skills or have a creative mind then making a passive income is the easiest way to earn money. No doubt anyone can make passive income.

The only thing is that you should have enough potential, and patience and should know about your field in which you can do your best as much as possible. One of the most important of all is that you should know the correct strategies to make passive income.

Once you will get to know all these then -

  • You will be able to make more money to fulfilling your dreams.
  • You will get more freedom in work as compared to a 9-5 job.
  • You will have more flexibility in your work and you can present it as you want.
  • You can be your boss.
  • There will not be any hectic schedule.
  • If you make it your full-time job then you will get more time to spend with your family and children.
  • You will have time for yourself too.

Is passive income still worth it in 2021??

So many people were making passive income for a long time but still, also many people are not aware of strategies for making a passive income at ease due to their hectic schedules.

But in this pandemic due to Covid-19 when people were free and locked in their homes, they invest their time in these money-making tactics or even in discovering their interests. The rate of People making passive income increased a lot in 2020.

Passive income ideas and awareness about it are increasing every year. There are so many ways through which one can make passive income at a fast pace.

E-books, content writing, YouTube, etc.. many more ways are there to make passive income easily. Even a teenager can also make his/her first Passive income at an early age by these methods.

10 ideas to making passive income as a beginner with almost no initial funds

There are so many platforms or websites through which you can make your passive income in no time. Even teenagers can use these platforms and earn along with their studies.

As I said earlier, there is no rocket science in using those platforms or websites, you just need to be focused and passionate about your work.

Run a blog

If you have an interest in reading and writing useful content then definitely this is one of the great ideas for you. Many entrepreneurs are earning from their blogs through affiliate links, products, advertisements, etc. Running your blog is one of the best ways to make passive income in today’s time. If you get enough traffic to your blog then you can earn even more than what you are earning right now.


So YouTube is one of the familiar platforms among all ages people nowadays. YouTube has a wide active audience already on it. In 2021, YouTube’s user base in the United Kingdom amounts to approximately 41.6 million users. The number of YouTube users in the United Kingdom is projected to reach 45.6 million users by 2025. so it is one of the best platforms to give a start to your social career. You just need to make an informative video on the topic in which you have a deep amount of knowledge. It could be anything.

For example- if you know beauty hacks then you can make a video and share it on YouTube. You need not take any tension about traffic because YouTube itself has a wide audience. Growing on YouTube is super easy nowadays, only you have to be patient and you will be able to earn your passive income easily.

Share market

The share market is one of the leading businesses for so many years and even right now so many people are earning a big fat amount from the share market. You can invest in the share market at any age. There’s no degree needed for that. You just need to have a good knowledge of how to analyze the market.

Most people have a fear of sinking money in the share market as the rate of shares fluctuates every single day. That's why it is quite risky to invest in the stock market unless you have a good amount of knowledge about trading.

But if you have a high-risk appetite then definitely the share market is for you. The best part is you can invest your $10 and reach up to $200 in a single day. One can easily make his/her passive income as there’s no need to invest much time in the stock market, one just needs some good market analysis skills.

Real estate

Selling and buying land property is one of the old practices followed by almost every person. This is the most profitable way to make passive income. You can sell more than what you had bought. But it depends on the development of the area, facilities, or the rate at which its value increases in the market. For eg., If you have a property in a well-developed area with all the facilities then its demand will be high and keep on increasing with time. So you will get a high margin profit when you sell it after some years.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is very popular in today’s time. So many entrepreneurs are earning through affiliate marketing. If you have a good amount of followers on any social media platform or your blog then you can do a partnership with the company and can recommend a product on your blog or other social platforms by giving a link and when anyone buys from that link you will get a commission on every purchase. And there and then you will get your passive income. Recently the Amazon affiliate program is the most popular one.

Fixed deposit

This is one of the easiest methods of all. You can earn your passive income without doing any effort. In this, you just need to deposit an amount of money and according to the scheme your money will get locked for a fixed amount of time and a little amount of money as per the interest rate keeps on adding to it. And after the maturity of that FD, you will get your money with the interest. You can deposit your money in any bank.


This is very common and I guess you already know about it. so basically the room or house you are not using is empty, you can give it for rent to the person who needed it. You will get a fixed amount of money every month in which you have fixed the deal. The only thing you need to make your passive income from renting is that you need to find a person having a good amount of money to pay you and also a house with proper facilities according to the need of the buyer.

Sell a course

It is one of the easiest ways for students to make their first passive income. If you have good knowledge about any topic related to tech, marketing, or anything popular or beneficial in today’s time then you can make a group playlist on that topic in a course form and sell it on various platforms. Remember only the selling part is difficult and for that, you need good marketing skills. Once the course sells then you just need to update it with time.


If you have a passion for photography then also you can make your passive income without investing a lot of money in opening a studio or a big office. You just need to approach some people like magazine holders or bloggers and if they like your clicked photographs then you can sell your clicked photos to them. You can even sell it on online websites like,, etc.

Instagram influencer

Last but not the least, as you know, Instagram is the most popular and crowded platform.If you want to come in eyes of millions of people and earn then no doubt this is the right field for you. The popularity of influencer marketing on Instagram is increasing at such a fast pace that the global market is expected to grow from 1.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 to nearly twice that amount by 2020.

If you become successful then you can shift it to your full-time income too. You just need to share your knowledge about anything you have a deeper knowledge eg. if you have an interest in makeup or fashion then you can make a small video of a makeup tutorial or show your dress collection .when you reach a good amount of followers then the brand will come to you and can give you brand deals to review their product, recommend to your followers and so on. And thus you get a commission for that every purchase. For making passive income by Instagram influencing, you just need a good camera to shoot clear video.

Instagram influencers are one of the most trending money-making tactics in today’s time. To get successful in this influencing industry you also need to have a good impactful personality.


There are so many websites and platforms to make passive income as a beginner in no time. As I mentioned above, you just need to be patient and passionate about it and you can make your passive income in no time even convert some of this work into your full-time income.



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